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I'm Hannah Welch (hannah banana & welch like the grapejuice). A Bristol-based freelance animator and illustrator from the Virgin Islands, plunging my way into the UK's creative scene. HERE IS MY INSPO BLOG + some of my life.
  • The Planets from Andy Martin on Vimeo.

    More at & animated short film in twelve parts.

    The individual planet animations are collected on their own Vimeo channel:

    And the whole project is archived at

    All Pictures, Sound and Movement by Andy Martin
    Additional Voice on Planet Seven by Sarah Martin

    Thanks to everyone at Strange Beast, Mum & Dad, the Wife and the Dog. All planets appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real aliens, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

  • snarkies:

    I can’t pass up an opportunity to draw a merm!

    omg tomboy mermaids.

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  • iamthewolfbird:


    Creatures From El [via]

    These are incredibly gorgeous!

    Oh my actual god. I think faeries just burst outa my heart.

    (via marasbazaar)

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  • stevensugar:


    A selection of backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: "Cheeseburger Backpack"

    Direction: Kevin Dart

    Design: Steven Sugar, Emily Walus

    Paint: Amanda Winterstein

    Some more Ste U backgrounds from last night’s episode!

    beyoootiful backgrounds

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  • My Dog Beard.

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  • ssoja:

    Just for fun, the little wolf dresses like the robot kid from my first comic book “Chemin Perdu" ! ` V `

    here is a good good blog.

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  • caitlynkurilich:

    The Betrayal, Graphite & Digital Media, 9 1/2” x 14, 2014.

    But the question is: who betrayed whom? Print available here.

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  • "If it comes too easy, you’re doing something wrong."
    Glen Keane (via d4h1p573r)

    (via keaneart)

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  • muredraws:

    please please please: find out what’s happening in Ferguson. it’s important. tell everyone, question yourself constantly. think and stay angry and don’t let anyone give you shit, talk you down or tell you you’re overreacting

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  • The Nether Regions from WÖNKY Films on Vimeo. /

    Welcome to the Nether Regions; or by its offical title “Hell - The Nether Regional Branch”

    Wielding untold power at the helm of a vast and mighty realm may sound glamorous but no one tells you about the sleepless nights and the unrelenting stress, but that’s what the Devil must deal with on an eternal basis. Even in Hell, there’s no escape from bureaucracy but occasionally he does manage to slip away. With the most magical healing hands in all the nine circles of Hell and a sympathetic ear, it is Sven’s Massage Parlour to which the Devil makes his first port of call.

    Now also available “The Nether Regions” App - - Test your skills at massaging the devil…

    Nominated Best Short RTS South of England 2014

    OFAFA Poland – March 2013 Golden Kuker, Sofia Bulgaria – May 2013
    Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK – June 2013
    Euganea Film Festival, Italy – July 2013
    Encounters Film Festival, UK – September 2013
    Bristol Festival of Puppetry UK – Sept 2013
    Se-Ma-For Film Festival, Poland – October 2013
    Montreal Stopmotion Films Festival – October 2013
    Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UK – November 2013
    Leeds International Film Festival – November 2013
    London Lift-Off Film Festival – Nov 2013
    Animated Exeter - Feb 2014

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  • Dead & Breakfast from Sam Shaw on Vimeo.

    My third year film while studying animation at UWE.

  • This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

    A brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant.
    Who’s-killing-who viewer’s guide here:
    NEW: we now have MERCH! A This Land Is Mine silk pocket square: Makes a great fashion accessory or matzoh cover, and supports the artist.